• Digital Transformation

    Strategy and Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is about optimizing the performance of the company. Often the organization begins to sense panic, that they have…

  • Digital Intensity as a Tool for Transformation

    Digital Intensity as a Transformation Tool

    ~ Abstract ~ To remain competitive, businesses must stay abreast with their technology capabilities and digitize both their business operations…

  • Dundee does Digital Intensity

    Dundee Precious Metals: A Case Study

    The Challenge The mining sector continues to face enormous challenges as the fall in commodity prices across most commodities continues…

  • Image: Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal

    New Era in Digital Mining… Feature Article Repost

        ~ Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal ~ Virtual Consulting USA, Inc. (VCI) provided the Digital Intensity Assessment for Chelopech…

  • Mine Digitization

    Digital Intensity as a Lens for Growth

    ~ Gideon Malherbe, Partner ~ Scenarios describing the future of mining are certainly unfolding in surprising ways. It seems the…

  • Figure 6: The Management Operating Model

    Short Interval Control in Today’s Underground Mine: A Case Study

    ~ Virtual Consulting USA, Inc. (VCI) performed the 2016 Digital Intensity Assessment for Chelopech Mine in Bulgaria which is referenced…